Please note that all new membership applications of membership will be discussed at the next available committee meeting and you will be contacted accordingly after that date if your membership has been accepted or declined.






Read through the following checks to ensure that your membership application form has been filled in correctly.

1. Ensure that all the applicants names and signatures are on the form. Remember that if there is more than one applicant on the form they will all be assumed to be living at the address specified.


2. If you have filled in the blank membership form please ensure that you have at least provided details of your full address and postcode as we cannot confirm your membership with out it. If you have filled in the online form please verify your address details before sending.


3. Also if you have filled in the blank membership application form please make sure that you correctly indicate whether you are a new or renewing member, and importantly make sure that you have AGREED to the terms stated as your membership WILL NOT be processed if you have not agreed to the terms. 4. Please ensure that you have the signatures of two NCSBTC members, one to propose and another to second. 5. Please send the membership fee in cheque form made payable to:- N.C.S.B.T.C


Club Code Of Ethics

To join the N.C.S.B.T.C you must fill in a membership form and send it to the club to be processed. Before filling in a form please read the Club Code of Ethics.

Blank membership application form

Please send your form to Membership Secretary:
J Marachowska, 47 Tombridge Crescent, Kinsley, Pontefract WF9 5HB /